Draper Lake Coastal Village is 40 acres of residences, green space, and trails that embrace a rare coastal dune lake.  There is a 100-foot buffer along the lakefront where no development is allowed, ensuring the conservation and enjoyment of the lake by all residents.  The unique architecture of the houses, and the grouping of houses in a planned layout near the green spaces and overlooking the lake provides distinctiveness from other communities along scenic 30A in the panhandle of Florida.

The master design, in collaboration with Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company, reflects their philosophy for modern urbanization – “We believe great places add to the sum of human happiness. DPZ designs economically and environmentally resilient communities that foster physical and social well-being.”  Draper Lake Coastal Village – a place like no other!



Street Front Lots

(Street Houses – Type I)

Street Front Lots make up the heart of Draper Lake. Families have easy access to all of the amenities, with pools, pool gathering areas, and boating a short stroll away.


Park Front Lots

(Park Houses – Type II)

Facing a variety of park settings, open wooded spaces and water views, these lots are wonderful home sites


Lake Front Lots

(Lake Houses – Type III)

These beautifully sloping lots have a 100-foot preservation area creating peaceful and protected lake views.

“Many of the lots and houses, as well as the walkways, bridges and green areas, offer magnificent views of the sand dunes and Gulf of Mexico”