Draper Lake is a unique geographical feature, a coastal lake that shares a recurring connection with the Gulf, complementing the natural serenity of the majestic woods that wind their way through Draper Lake Coastal Village – setting it apart as a distinctive, gated community.


Sprinkled throughout Draper Lake Coastal Village, these green spaces allow residents to enjoy peaceful moments with family and friends.  Planned as part of the original development, they are another feature that provide solitude and tranquility only steps from the amenities of scenic 30A, Santa Rosa Beach and the surrounding communities in Walton County.


Two swimming pools, one in each peninsula of Draper Lake Coastal Village, provide enjoyment for residents who want to swim laps or simply enjoy the coolness of the water on a warm, sunny day.  Enclosed within gated, rustic wooden fences, covered pavilions allow families to enjoy their time and meet their neighbors.


These natural wood bridges are the lifeline connecting the eastern and western peninsulas of Draper Lake Coastal Village.  They provide a relaxed pathway across the quiet waters of Draper Lake, connected via winding nature and hiking trails, set amidst the 100 feet of lake front property throughout the Village that is protected from development – allowing wildlife and residents to enjoy together.


Soaring almost 50 feet into the gulf coast’s blue sky, this unique wooden tower provides a panoramic view of Draper Lake, the Gulf and it’s pristine, white sand that sits alongside as it fades into the distance, and the surrounding beauty along scenic 30A

Boat Houses

Two boat houses give residents the opportunity to store kayaks and paddleboards in a convenient and secure way at water’s edge.  They also provide a setting for small gatherings – as the sun rises or sets – or to simply enjoy the warm breezes floating across Draper Lake.

Amenities include bridges, two boathouses, the observation tower and two swimming pools. Each pool has a gathering area with comfortable seating and a fireplace. The Draper Lake Coastal village neighborhood is a place where you can walk, boat, fish or swim. Pedestrian trails extend from the lake front to each of the two village greens located on the east and west peninsula. The Village Greens offer each peninsula a central public space that is a great location for gatherings. Additional public spaces are provided in smaller neighborhood greens. The east and west peninsulas are connected by a wooden pedestrian bridge from which you can enjoy the expanse of Draper Lake and the dunes beyond.